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Our Mission and Philosophy


Aquinas Academy is a mosaic of people who foster a love of learning by sharing academic excellence, solid Catholic values and principles, meaningful contributions to the community, global awareness and active stewardship. Our administration, faculty and staff work together to provide a nurturing supportive environment. Students are encouraged to appreciate the fine arts, to develop critical thinking and to excel in communications and technology. Students are also challenged to promote lifelong wellness through physical fitness and health programs developing respect for one’s body and mind.        

Since parents are recognized as the primary educators of their children, a strong interdependence exists between home and school. This link is enhanced as families, students and staff are encouraged to attain a relationship with God and to cultivate values of peace, love, freedom and justice in the pursuit of both personal and social progress. Various professional workshops, selection of appropriate resources, self-evaluation and diverse methodology of instruction assist the faculty in supporting each child’s efforts toward intellectual development. The faculty utilizes the curriculum guidelines of the Archdiocese of Newark in conjunction with those of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards.


Aquinas Academy is a Catholic elementary school, under the auspices of St. Philomena Parish, dedicated to academic excellence and the development of Christ-centered values and principles. Inspired by Gospel teachings, our faculty strives to instruct the mind and nurture the faith in each of our students. As community, we generate a lifetime of intellectual curiosity, spiritual growth and a sense of service to society. This environment, in conjunction with the loving hand of God, prepares our students to take their place as leaders in the church and world.