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Our Teachers

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Email addresses are listed next to each teacher's name.

Mr. John Cohrs    Principal (office in McCann Hall)   jcohrs@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Maureen Wehrfritz   

Assistant Principal, Director of Junior High, Tuition (office in Madonna Hall)

Mrs. Lisa Paneggiante  

Director of Student Services  (office in McCann Hall)

Mrs. Alicia Skinner   Development Officer   askinner@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Mary Aman   Admissions / Development   maman@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Gwen Trezza   Administrative Assistant   gtrezza@aquinasacademynj.org
Junior High Department    
Ms. Dana Roberti   Grade 8A (Science - 6th, 7th, 8th)   droberti@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Virginia Arluna   Grade 8B (Reading Literature - 8th, Language Arts - 8th)   varluna@aquinasacademynj.org
Ms. Mackenzie Sullivan   Grade 7A (Religion - 6th, 7th, 8th; Social Justice - 6th, 7th, 8th)   msullivan@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Rose Gage   Grade 7B (Mathematics - 6th, Pre-Algebra - 7th, Algebra - 8th)   rgage@aquinasacademynj.org
    Grade 6A (Language Arts - 6th/7th, Reading Literature - 6th, 7th)    
Mr. Kyle Micale   Grade 6B (Social Studies - 6th/7th/8th)   kmicale@aquinasacademynj.org
Miss Christine Favetta   Science Club   cfavetta@aquinasacademynj.org
Intermediate Department    

Ms. Maryjane Weiss

  Grade 5A (Language Arts - 4th/5th, Reading Literature - 5th)  


Mrs. Deborah Lopez   Grades 5B (Mathematics - 4th/5th, Science 4th/5th)   dlopez@aquinasacademynj.org
Miss Nicole Vander Ploeg   Grade 4 (Religion- 4th/5th, Reading Literature - 4th, Social Studies - 4th/5th)   nvanderploeg@aquinasacademynj.org
Primary Department    
Ms. Susie Filippone   Grade 3A   sfilippone@aquinasacademynj.org
Miss Laura Hall   Grade 3B   lhall@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Heather Hamilton   Grade 2   hhamilton@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Lisa Paneggiante   Grade 1   lpaneggiante@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Patricia Marino   Kindergarten   pmarino@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Andrea French   Kindergarten Prep   afrench@aquinasacademynj.org
Preschool Department        
Mrs. Gloria Castucci    Preschool Director    gcastucci@aquinasacademynj.org
Ms. Linda Manach  

Assistant Preschool Director 

Full Day 4 Year Olds

Mrs. Josephine Petrillo   Administrative Assistant   jpetrillo@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Carol Sofie   Half Day Morning 3 Year Olds   csofie@aquinasacademynj.org
Miss Anna Colasuonno   Half Day Morning 4 Year Olds   acolasuonno@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Patricia Donoghue   Full Day 3 Year Olds   pdonoghue@aquinasacademynj.org
Curriculum Enhancements        
    Art (KPrep - Grade 2)  


Mrs. Rupal Patel   Art (Grades 3-8)   rpatel@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Deborah Doppelt   Physical Education   ddoppelt@aquinasacademynj.org
Mr. Michael Neglia   Music  


Mrs. Alejandra Tinajero  

Spanish (KPrep-Grade 5) Latin (Grades 6-8)

Ms. Florrie O'Loughlin   Technology Integration Specialist   foloughlin@aquinasacademynj.org
Ms. Martha Boughner   Band   mboughner@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Susan Scrivo, RN   Nurse   sscrivo@aquinasacademynj.org
Ms. Janet Reich   Speech   jreich@aquinasacademynj.org
Ms. Patricia Gordon   Supplemental Ed/Comp. Ed/ESL   pgordon@aquinasacademynj.org
Ms. Sheila Gilligan   ERESC Instructional Aide   sgilligan@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Patti Forgione   ERESC Instructional Aide   pforgione@aquinasacademynj.org
Mrs. Theresa Robinson   ERESC Instructional Aide   trobinson@aquinasacademynj.org