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Aquinas Academy offers an effective and challenging educational program. The general curriculum provides a comprehensive elementary program of studies which meets the individual needs of each student.  We offer an integrated technology program with SMARTBoards and iPads in every classroom.  All students are given a username and password for IXL Learning for reinforcement in math.  We have a Media Center with numerous computers, a laser printer, and a SMARTBoard available to all students.  Grades 4-8 participate in our Chromebook 1:1 Initiative.  Each student in grades 4-8 has a Chromebook which is used in classes daily.  We are proud to share that Aquinas Academy is on the cutting edge of educational technology!

Our school’s religion program is rich in faithfulness for each grade level.  First Friday school liturgies, church buddy activities, Lenten Stations of the Cross, and our annual May Crowning are just some of the religious activities that go on at AQA.  Starting in grade 4, students can sign up to be altar servers at Masses. 

The students of AQA also partake in many opportunities for community service within the town of Livingston and beyond.  Our Primary Department, which consists of grades KPrep through 3, is housed in McCann Hall.  The curriculum for our Primary Department consists of science, math, language arts, reading, phonics, and social studies with map skills.  The children also have the opportunity to obtain instruction in the areas of art, Spanish, physical education, health, and music.  Each class in this department is self-contained.

Our Intermediate Department, which consists of grades 4 and 5, is located in St. Joseph’s Hall.  The Intermediate curriculum consists of vocabulary, language arts, a novel reading program, math, social studies, and science with labs.  These subjects are departmentalized, which means the students have different teachers for different subjects.  This structure allows for an easier transition to switching classes in later grades.  Starting in the Intermediate Department, students have physical education twice a week.  They also participate in art, music, and language arts classes. Starting in the fourth grade, students have a choice of twenty-two (22) foreign languages from which they can study.

The Junior High Department is located in Madonna Hall and consists of grades 6 through 8.  The students know all the teachers, as they too switch classes for the different subjects.  The science classes are infused with STEM labs.  Math classes are tracked, offering accelerated classes such as pre-algebra and algebra.  Language arts, social studies, novel-reading classes, art, and music are also part of our departmental curriculum in junior high.  Students also participate in physical education and foriegn languages classes twice a week.