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Alumni / Parent Testimonials

- Chetan - Preschool Parent
I am so proud of you all and thank you all for having the kids participate in this very important and a fun lesson. Kids need to learn from an early age that voting is not only a right but it's an obligation to our great nation and a much needed civic duty that we all NEED to perform.  Thanks again!

-Kevin Regan - Class of 1969

It was a pleasure to attend St. Philomena's (in the 1960's).  Sister Mary Dorothy was the principal and I served Mass for Monsignor McCann.  We used to play football on Saturdays with Father Duggan and Father Distallo.  I remember fondly Mrs. Petriella, Mrs. Enright,  Sister Carolyn and Sister Carlotta. We prayed for the Cuban Missile Crisis and prayed for President Kennedy when he was shot.  We enjoyed town parades and parish picnics. All of us in my family have done pretty well since those days and I truly appreciate the education I received at St. Philomena's.  Some of the values I learned from my parents and my early educators have made it possible for me to have a successful career in law, as well as charitable endeavors where I live in Kansas City, Missouri.  If any of my classmates are ever traveling in Kansas City, please feel free to give me a call and I'll treat you to some world championship barbeque and baseball!


-Patricia Krasnodebski - Class of 1960

Many fond memories of St. Philomena's. Attended from second grade through graduation, and was privileged to see much of the entire area developed - convent, rectory, St. Joseph's Hall, etc. To this day, I believe it is the most beautiful campus that I have ever seen, and that this environment definitely added to a first rate education. My heartfelt gratitude to those who really worked to develop our strengths. 


-Alexis Little - Class of 1995

I went to Aquinas from the time I was in preschool on!  I will never forget any of the friends I made.  They were the best friends a person could ever have.  I am doing property management and I own my own credit repair business now. I have two girls: one that is 7 and one that is 4.  I would love to see my old friends again.

-Sophie Wolf - Class of 2008

I miss AQA. I wish they had a high school so I didn't have to leave all my friends.  I still go to church at St. Phil's and I have become a cantor there. It's great to keep in touch with the school.

-Matthew Marinello - Class of 1999

I graduated from Aquinas Academy in 1999.  Currently, I am the deputy chief of staff to Senator Robert Gordon in Bergen County.  I also do reporting for a high school sports website,  CBS MaxPreps.com.
A Catholic education goes beyond learning basic reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Catholic schools stress more than anything the moral development of young men and women.  From my first day of kindergarten at Aquinas Academy to my last day of high school at St. Peter's Prep, my education helped instill in me a strong set of Catholic values that have shaped the person I am today.  Another important aspect of my Catholic education is that I always felt that I was a part of a tight-knit community.  Similar to a Catholic parish, Catholic schools concentrate on building a strong sense of community among the students, parents, and faculty.  When I graduated college, I missed that aspect of Catholic education.  Therefore, I decided to return to the Aquinas Academy family and volunteer as a basketball coach.  It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

-Michael Luteran - Class of 1996

I graduated from AQA in 96.  I’m currently 27, married, and living in Harrison, NJ.  I work in Manhattan for MLB Advanced Media, where I manage the online ticketing for 7 major league baseball teams.

The advantage of having a catholic education was having the ability to learn core values as well as getting a quality education every day.  Learning from faculty and staff that truly believed in the idea of a catholic education, gave me role models who encouraged my development.
A Catholic education has given me the ability to make difficult decisions based on the values that I learned at Aquinas.  Learning the idea of “faith” and believing in something bigger than yourself has given me the ability to get through difficult times in my life.  This same idea of faith also helps to keep me grounded and give back when times are good.